white hat seo

  1. D

    How do you use ChatGPT as white hat SEO?

    Hey everyone, I'm interested in using ChatGPT as a white hat SEO technique for my website. I've heard that chatbots can improve the user experience and potentially boost search engine rankings, but I'm not quite sure how to effectively implement it. Can anyone share their experience or tips on...
  2. TJ_Ana

    Web Design Agency: Portfolios vs Pre-made Demo Sites

    Hi Guys, I'm starting my web design agency and I keep building as many as possible websites (manually from a scratch and also just copy paste using pre-made templates) to show them to my potential clients, and I now got a little 'unsure' design/location to where I put all of my sample demo...
  3. kurosaki4d

    Question about "Google Search Console"

    Hello BlackHat members :) I'm in the process of creating a 3rd affiliate site, and I would like to know if it is safe to add it to the same google account (GSC) with the other two affiliate sites? Suppose one of these sites get penalized somehow by google, will the other two sites get affected...
  4. Didou

    Can I use AI writing tools this way?

    Hello everyone; I hope you guys are doing great. So, I use AI writing tools to improve the quality of my articles. Basically, what I do is I write a blog post, then I run it through an AI writing tool to rephrase certain sentences. I do so because I found that sometimes the tool rewrites the...
  5. afyie

    Need a few Advice for Real State website from someone who has experience in the same Niche

    I am about close a 3 months SEO for a real-estate website which is pretty old but no form of SEO was done on it and has negligible ranks. They are planning to re build the website and i have to take care of the SEO Part. i have had experience in working on ecommerce , Finance, legal and other...
  6. kurosaki4d

    Can I use the same backlinks for my other site?

    Hello everybody, I currently run an affiliate website, and it currently has over +100 backlinks. So, working on a new site right now (older than 1 year), I'm wondering if I can start the link building campaign using 50% of the backlinks used in the previous site? Can I do that? Is it safe to...
  7. ensky

    Do the EDU profile links help the DR or ranking?

    Edu profile links are working for SEO? For example, https://www.nes.edu.vn/profile/93dayssup33/profile, Does it flow much "link juice" to my site? Maybe there are significantly fewer internal links targeted to "profile/93dayssup33/profile", so this link can only get significantly less link...
  8. V

    Im looking for SEO analyst and consultant to guide me

    looking for the right guy as the headline stated, thank you. Cheers mate!
  9. SEO Ghunda

    Is paying for monthly SEO services really worth it?

    On the one hand, it costs you money every month, but on the other hand, it’s a collective investment in your business that will help you make more money. That being said, there are many factors to consider when deciding if this expense is worthwhile. One of these factors would be how much time...
  10. Kaits

    White Hat was started by people who couldn’t rank?

    Interesting statement that I found. Who agrees and who doesn't and why? White Hat was started by people who couldn’t rank and needed to give clients an excuse for poor performance when they SHOULD have never taken that client’s money in the first place. The fact is that all SEO has some level...
  11. B

    Should I Trade Backlinks with Sites that Share the same Niche as me?

    I know more backlinks from new and quality domains is good but recently only sites that share the same niche with me agreed to trade backlink. Should I do it? Hope everyone can give some advice.
  12. I Am Batman

    Does having many Tags Noindex cause bad SEO?

    So I'm about to use Blog2Social for auto-sharing Social Media. In each article, I add some tags to use like hashtags on social media. Just wonder: if I use many tags set noindex, can they cause bad SEO like thin content? Thank you.
  13. kurosaki4d

    Question about Backlink Acquisition

    Hi Everyone, I'm running a second site, but without any backlinks, I'm ranking for some money pages. However, it's going really slowly. So, I'm thinking of starting doing Haro, so if I start doing it and I increase my DA site, can I stop afterwards the Haro link building without any risk? I'm...
  14. Didou

    Is there a way to increase this blog's revenues?

    Hello everyone. I hope you guys are doing great. Today I'm seeking your help because I feel stuck and can't find a way out. So, I have a blog in the home improvement niche with roughly 100 blog posts. I have 91 informative articles along with 9 commercial ones. Most, if not all, of the...
  15. crystalwiz

    Deindex all posts under a specific category in WordPress

    Hey guys, I understand that you can deindex a category like this: example.com/category/xyz But how can you automatically add the noindex tag to deindex 2500 posts that are under the category example.com/category/xyz ?? Any help? Please advise
  16. Jabbz18

    How to work out how much a guest post link would be worth?

    Hi everyone, I'm in the middle of a backlink plan and I'm on guest posting, I usually pay for outreach but now that I've learnt how to find opportunities and sites which accept posts I've decided to do it myself. Some of who I've reached out to have asked about my budget and others have given...
  17. Jabbz18

    Tips on doing eccommerce SEO when you have A LOT of products

    Hi all, Doing SEO currently on an eCommerce site and have managed to hit some decent keywords, the issue is it's a MASSIVE niche with Thousands of products. I've done bulk writing of meta titles and descriptions using tags to start with. However, in the long run, I need everything to be unique...
  18. akaseo

    should you answer all People also ask in your blog?

    If you have a keyword and have a bunch of very similar questions in People also ask should I answer them seperately in h2 headings or there is a different way? Also, does it help? Another question - the People also ask and your h2 tilte should be same to help you?
  19. TomTheCat

    Google fucked this up?

    What's with the new threads regarding casinos lately? In the past, some newbies thought that this is a hacking forum, now Google thinks this is a casino forum. https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/games-provider-casino-licence.1416520/ https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/casinoclub.1416517/...
  20. Topiano

    You are invited test our " 2-Phase Link Building" Methodology ...

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