windows 10

  1. seoaffiliatepro


    A good windows application reviewer is needed to review an on going developing app for SEO Pay will be good. Reply if interested...
  2. MrOlymp

    How to make money with Windows, Wordpress, Elementor, Magento, CSS, Html or Python?

    Hey, Guys hope you all have a good day :) As an Employee of Fortune 500 in IT services(top performer) I'm wondering how would any of you get clients for mentioned fields. I have a lot of experience with Windows, WordPress, Elementor, Magento, and some experience with Python. My goal is to make...
  3. Dunga

    Windows 11?

    More info:
  4. pavelsolovyov9

    eBay Windows 10 sale 3$ origin?

    Hi, I have been selling software on ebay for a long time but never sold Microsoft sw, does anyone know where the product keys that many sellers sell on ebay come from? what is the origin? I think there are 2 possibilities but none of the 2 mi convience 100% maybe these sellers generate keys...
  5. E

    (Asking) How to Remove Any Font in Windows 10?

    Hi, I have the latest version of Windows installed on my computer. I work as a logo designer, I have many customs fonts installed. Some of the fonts come with Windows 10 preinstalled are of no use and I want to delete them but Windows does not let me uninstall them. In other words: How to...
  6. Alex0808

    Windows 10 factory data reset button.

    Will it remove the existing ransomware (.Topi) ? If I select ‛clear all data’ option.
  7. Alex0808

    Where to get free windows 10 ?

    Some malware free source?
  8. IG Pro

    [Question] Windows 10 installation

    Hello everyone! So, I do have a laptop without system, and I'd like to install windows 10 there. I've been reading that you can purchase windows 10 keys for very cheap as $6, but then I saw multiple threads where people were suggesting that you can install W10 for free. So, I'm a bit confused...
  9. Munni

    Need some help about IOS emulator

    I need suggestion about IOS emulator for windows 10.where I can install apps whatever I want. basically dating apps.
  10. Gogol

    Anybody managed to control Alexa/Google Home enabled SmartBulbs with Win 10?

    Question in title. Seems very trivial for users to be wanting to control their smart gadgets like bulbs from their PC/Laptop? Does anybody know how to do it? Oh, and no emulators please. :)
  11. KJREDDY247@

    Unable to type anything in Alexa, Edge and Skype Search Fields

    Hi, I am using windows 10 PC. Recently i did some changes in my registry files or something when some issues occurred in my pc, i don't even remember what changes i did. I did as per some random online guide. But after that My search fields typing feature is not working seems like its disabled...
  12. IG Pro


    From yesterday to today, my system got updated. The best part is without me knowing it or without even giving any permission. I wouldn't even notice that updated caught my pc if all the documents I've been working yesterday wasn't gone. This shit didn't happen for the first time. No, I've lost...
  13. KJREDDY247@

    Windows LTSC FREE ?- LTSC 2019 Rereleased Anyone tried this?

    I am a bit skeptical about this, any expert can confirm me is this good to use in any way? More info for people who never heard about this the download links were mentioned in the same post , where can i find...
  14. EternalFun

    Windows 10 STILL sends data despite every tweak - Reddit Post

    Hi, found this post on reddit and they seem to have tweaked everything but still windows 10 spies. Link Discuss your thoughts and opinions here please.
  15. D


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  16. emvam

    Windows 10 iso for vps

    Hello guys, can any1 help me to create a custom windows iso. Its for vps actually. Thanks in advance
  17. M

    Am looking for account marchent

  18. ShiningWarrior

    Anyone tried this Win10 privacy disabling tool?

    Did anyone try O&O Win 10 Shutup tool? - Virus total show Zero detection - What do you think?
  19. ShiningWarrior

    You think our privacy is at stake when we use Win 10?

    Hi, I was just searching on the topic because when Win 10 came out in 2015, many were concerned about this and I just found out that people still have concerns about the privacy thing. MS says they are taking it one step AHEAD here...
  20. Dominor001

    Windows 10 keeps installing APPS!!

    Recently I noticed that windows 10 was installing some apps like Candy Crush Saga from windows store automatically and without permission, It's annoying. Did this happen to any of you ?