1. iamaanoob

    How can I add subscription for a single course using Learnpress

    Hello people, I am building a single course wordpress website. I want someone help to guide me, how to activate membership for that single course, rather than creating levels in paid memberhip pro plugin. Installed Learnpress > Created Course Installed Paid Membership Pro Plugin > Actiavated...
  2. wantviews

    {WTB} A wordpress web designer to JUST answer my questions.

    Hey, i'm relatively new to web design, so i thought i could use someone who has experience with Wordpress websites building, hosting, etc. What i would need of u is to just answer to my topic related questions, and make it as digestible as you can. Requrements: 1.Good communication skills...
  3. Hints404

    Wordpress hosting with reliable email service?

    I'm seeking cheap WordPress hosting for under $5 per month, and I need the email service to work properly. Please provide me with hosting suggestions for a tiny website with fewer than 100,000 visitors, especially if you send and/or receive emails every day.
  4. Orozuz

    Auto blog with wordpress & seo

    Hey. I bought on fiverr, a simple website with wordpress that has a main niche and some subcategories. According to the seller, it automatically blogs every X amount of time. So far it's working and apparently it spins the texts, as I've copy pasted random parts of them, then google that and...
  5. missmarple

    Adult Membership Site - I have some questions

    Hi everyone! I’m new here and in websites in general. I have some questions. 1. Do you know a good payment gateway for an adult site owned by an individual in the Philippines? My site is bdsm related which I mainly use in marketing my services as a ProDomme. I want to accept payments using my...
  6. B

    delete post from a wordpress website

    Hello, Is there anyone who can help me delete a post from a WordPress website? Our company is being maliciously smeared and blackmailed by ratecompany dot org This is a small website with servers in Hong Kong; deleting posts doesn't cause any trouble. If you can help me, please contact me...
  7. castoro

    How to FULLY edit the category pages for a good SILO structure

    Hi guys I would like to create a website in which every post is about a certain aspect of a city. for the structure of the site I imagine it like a classic silo: Homepage Categories Subcategories (or maybe tags) Posts The link structure should then be: example.com/ example.com/category/...
  8. D

    Wordpress website got hacked and now i got this in SERP

    I resotred my website and deleted all malicious code, but i still see this trash in when i do site:mywebsite.com. I don't know how hackers do this, how it possible to put these pages instantly to google results. I can't index my content to google through Instant index API or Google Index API...
  9. C

    Questions! Astra / Woo Commerce / Rocket hosting / Buying reviews / Come chat!

    First off, thank you all for the FREE resource and help over the past 5 years. I went from homeless, and doomed. Alone. Poor. Waking up to be the first person in the public library to use their free internet and student offices. Learning about SEO from scratch and being completely lost and in my...
  10. wantviews

    Need help deactivating Plug in.

    Hey there! i faced a problem trying to implements avada plug-in (from festinger vault), i used a website from there but i believe Avada team checked my purchase code and found none so the theme crashed and i cannot change the website theme anymore, whatever theme i'm trying to implement i see...
  11. H

    Can't add the module to WP marketplace.

    Hi all! I have a product for which a WP module was written. https://github.com/vsys-host/wp-shkeeper-plugin I want to list it on the WP marketplace, so it's publicly available. Filled out all the necessary information and sent for confirmation. But no response was received, and the module page...
  12. TechEinstien

    How to Transfer Old Content of Website to a new one?

    I have an old website around 5 years old which was running well back then. But for the last 2 years, it is just laying around with no income at all. Maybe due to penalty or google frequent updates. The niche is good. I have invested a lot in content. So, I was thinking to move the content of...
  13. B

    want to start an affiliate program for my woocommerce store

    hey guys whats up, so basically i want to start an affiliate program for digital products in my woocommerce store but i'm a bit confused. is there anything i should know first before i start, or which plugin should i use for beginners, i have never done this before, so what would you guys...
  14. Turbo B.

    Anyone has a list of themes supporting full posts on homepage?

    As the title says - free / paid WP themes that support full posts listing on the homepage with displaying links.
  15. M

    Nginx / Network administrator / Network Infrastructure Expert wanted

    Hey guys, We are looking for someone to take care of our servers and set up websites for us. The infrastructure is always the same: Domain -> Reverse Proxy -> Backend Server Which skills you should master perfectly: - Linux (Debian) - Nginx - Certbot / SSL Management - Configuring reverse...
  16. J

    Best ways to make your wordpress website hack-proof?

    What are the best ways to secure your wordpress website and make it near impossible to hack?
  17. B

    Wordpress blog optimisation

    Hello, How do you think which WordPress plugins must have every site for SEO/SPEED optimization? In my case, I am using 1- Yoast SEO 2- WordPress Related Posts Thumbnails 3- Site Kit by Google 4- Semrush SEO Writing Assistant 5- LiteSpeed Cache 6- Lazy Load - Optimize Images 7- EWWW Image...
  18. Nw_Work

    [Suggestions Pls] Wordpress Plugin for WhatsApp share upon custom fill form or content lock

    Hi any one knows a plugin which can allow custom form to integrate whatsapp share where after share with 5-10 friends or groups then lead to submission of form or unlock content?
  19. Yekxmerr

    Collecting Emails + Wordpress

    Hello fellow BHW members, hope you're all having a great day and filled with profits. I'm on a journey to diversify my income to future proof myself against ad account bans, social profiles disabled, etc. My newest project is in WP and collecting emails from my visitors is one of my main goals...
  20. tunks

    [Journey] Autoblog with Python - OpenAI GPT3 - Wordpress API

    Goals: To get better with Python and if some money jumps off it wouldn't be bad either. What I build so far (simplified): - A python script that creates from one given keyword a whole blog article. - Example: Input: Dogs -> Python Scripts calls openai api to create blog topics. Blog topics will...