1. R

    i need a little bit of help here for a Project.

    Hello, Hello, may I ask whether there is an AI, bot, or program that can answer questions or simply strike up a conversation with people? I would like to buy or build or pay for it. I want to use it as a Google extension. I need it for some Projects. I would love to hear some Feedback related...
  2. AuraMarketing

    Must read this AI's output

    I was using the content improver template of this A.I. This was the text I provided as input. INPUT I believe my background provides the skills you require. I would welcome the opportunity for a personal interview to further discuss my qualifications. Thanking you for reviewing my letter...
  3. coltonc

    SWIFT Writers - Native English Article Writing Services - Affordable Top Tier Content

    Skype: https://join.skype.com/invite/LibOA23s79Sj In case of any questions, please ask in this thread, contact me on Skype or through the BHW private message system!
  4. W

    Need someone to write me a psychology essay

    Only 2 pages of writing. Need it done ASAP. If you can do it send me a message or leave co tact details below. Ill send more info when contacted.
  5. PawanYadav8511

    Where to find new clients to obtain writing projects?

    Does anyone have any idea that from where can I get some new clients for my writing business. I need urgent money and I am ready to work for the same but doesn't have client presently.
  6. PawanYadav8511

    How to pick Academic Writing projects?

    Does anyone of you have an idea from where to pick academic writing projects?
  7. apple786

    Topical Content Writer - in need of super quality content

    Hello! I'm interested in hiring someone that can create quality content that ranks well with snippets for google. If it takes you 1 - 2 hours to write 1000 words, this isn't what I need. I need someone that can do tons of research, and come up with a proper plan to write quality content with...
  8. S

    I need a good copywriter for a LEGAL IN CANADA cannabis & shrooms blog

    So basically, I need a writer who: Writes damn good texts in English; Knows a lot about weed, shrooms, this community, and so on. I need someone who loves both psychoactive stuff AND writing, to combine it all. Articles are 1-2k words in volume. The list of possible topics includes...
  9. AutoComplete.sh

    AutoComplete.sh: AI Writing Tools & Text Content Generation API

    AutoComplete.sh AI writing tools & text content generation API. Write more. Write smarter. Write more efficiently. Whether you are a digital marketer, an SEO specialist, a social media manager, or even a traditional marketer looking to increase your content writing volume & efficiency...
  10. N

    Looking for someone to write and publish a wikipedia page!

    Looking for someone to write a wikipedia article and get it published! Must have experience and samples. Must guarantee the article stays up!
  11. 9alaest

    Looking for a Native English Writer

    Hi, I'm Looking for a native english writer, Please Drop me Your price + Articles Samples Via PM. Thanks.
  12. Gebb

    Suggestions about some resources for a better content writing?

    Do you have some books/courses/resources that have changed your view on content writing and improved your writing skills? I want (and probably I also need) to find a way to check whether my writed content is good or not, and also improve in that, so I just want to ask if you have some...
  13. kurosaki4d

    Question about keyword reserach method?

    Hello guys, One of the ways that I test new keywords that I can potentially rank for is by publishing test articles of "1000 words" (well written), and if they rank near page 1, then I update it by writing a much longer/better content version of it. So, realizing that adding quite a few 1000...
  14. Nubian Content

    Your Personal Long-Term Content Writer - Quality, Reliability & Relationship

    Your Favourite Content Writer is Back! That's right! After much success and long-lasting bonds forged on BHW, I had to leave to write my own book. But guess what? I did that, had fun doing it, and I'm back now! Who am I? I'm a published writer who has been writing for magazines, journals and...
  15. Julian Brockmann

    What do you think about my topic finding method?

    I think I am speaking for everyone when I say I don't want to write in vain. By that I mean writing posts that hardly anyone sees and affiliate links that are not being clicked and where nothing is being bought. I have 3 blogs. I used to use the autocomplete method and then choose topics to...
  16. GNews

    Another Man living in The future. Not 2027 but 2037...My Story is Different.... Ask me for FuturePredictions

    Hello everyone. I'm Rod Van Retep Nap. I was born in the small town Abbeville, Georgia (USA) in 1989. I moved at 18 years of age to a part of Alaska, close to the waters of the mermaids of a Eco-scientist named Rob and native Inuit people. One day I fell into a pool of water with my...
  17. michellelbm

    Hi, We Need 100% American Native English Speaker Writing Service!

    Dear Friends, We are looking for 100% American Native English Speaker Writing Service. Would be a long term business relationship, we have good products! If you, or your family, your friends and your team can provide Writing Service. Just contact me with Skype: michellelbm715. Let‘s talk the...
  18. AllyBarns

    [Journey] $500 from freelance content writing.

    Hello friends. This is my second journey. My first journey was small and achieved in a short span of time after joining BHW. This time I set a milestone of earning the first $500 from freelance content writing. I am hoping to achieve this within 2 months, but let's see. I have a portfolio...
  19. AllyBarns

    Introduction + First Journey

    Hello, I am new here. So, I want to introduce myself. I tried a lot of fancy things in my life but in the end, I found that your passion doesn't need to be shiny or fancy in any form. I actually tried literally everything related to online earning, dropshipping, youtube, trading, CPA, you name...
  20. T

    The EX5 method to writing high-quality content

    EX5 isn’t the real name. (But it would be cool if it was.) It’s actually called the Animalz Method, because the Animalz team uses it to create top-notch content. The process is made of five steps, all of which just happen to start with the letter E, hence EX5. Here you go: 1) Examine your...