youtube + cpa marketing

  1. rajib000

    Handpicked custom content locker

    I want to make newly launched exclusive-hyped movie download site with content locker. Problem- need very very user friendly landing page and handpicked cpa offers from every network, so that everyone can complete the offer easily and get his things (99% conversion, nobody can go with empty...
  2. M

    YouTube Traffic Strategy

    I am trying to manually spam YouTube live chat section, but I am not getting any clicks to my link whatsoever. I use bitly as a link tracker and I don't explicitly type the URL in the chat, instead, I type it as bit(.)ly/my-link or bit(Dot)ly/my-link Can someone tell me what's wrong? Also...
  3. A

    Can someone help me with Youtube + cpa???

    Hi, My name is Albert, and I'm 17 years old. At the beginning of the year I heard of CPA Marketing. And for about 4 months I'm still trying to earn money from cpa. It's just that it's too hard. I tried almost all traffic methods for cpa but to no avail. For a month all try Youtube + cpa I heard...
  4. ViP

    The most profitable niches on YouTube with Highest CPM + Reasons why your CPM is low

    1. Affiliate Marketing 12-22$ 2. Trading / Investing 8-18$ 3. Drop Shipping / Print On Demand 7-14$ 4. Content Creation 5-13$ 5. Personal Finance 4-12$ Why is my YouTube CPM so low? There are a lot of reasons why your CPM is low over time, such as: Not good time or season CPM is...
  5. Bedazzle

    [Journey] $500 per Day with CPA + Youtube

    It's a new month and I want to push myself this month to higher heights. About a month or two ago I completed a Journey to $50 per Day with CPA + Youtube and I've got countless messages to continue the journey to see how far I can go. How does that saying go, ask and you shall receive? Well...