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  1. courses_retailer

    youtube help

    I just wanna some tips and tricks How can I target tier 1 countries in youtube organic shorts? because most of views come from Asia countries

    Youtube blackhat - go viral instandly method (working)

    Hi guys, I tested an old blackhat strategy which I have seen on multiple threads in this Forum however, I never believed that this actually worked. The strategy: Upload a HIGH-QUALITY entertainment-based video. I recommend making something funny, that will get high retention naturally. The...
  3. M

    YouTube Traffic Strategy

    I am trying to manually spam YouTube live chat section, but I am not getting any clicks to my link whatsoever. I use bitly as a link tracker and I don't explicitly type the URL in the chat, instead, I type it as bit(.)ly/my-link or bit(Dot)ly/my-link Can someone tell me what's wrong? Also...
  4. RealHoffman

    YouTube Journey - FROM ZERO TO HERO

    This is gonna be my YouTube Journey. I'm tired of not being active on my YouTube Channels. I want to spend a lot time on YouTube and get partnership program. MY GOAL IS : 100k subscribers YPP I don't have time so much to write, because I'M STARTING RIGHT NOW AFTER THIS POST. I will...
  5. MrSponge

    [METHOD] ✅ How I Made $9,756 in 30 Days With ➡️ YouTube Shorts CPA ⬅️ | A COMPLETE GUIDE [25% OFF BHW DISCOUNT]

    >> BUY WITH CARD << >> BUY WITH CRYPTO << Price: $160 $120 Contact: live:.cid.4fd7f02f3c4e3c27 Disclaimer: Roughly $140 initial investment will be needed to use this method. Refund Policy: As this is a digital product that can't be revoked I will not be offering refunds...
  6. A

    Where can I buy views on Youtube??

    I have a Youtube channel for cpa + Youtube and I want to stimulate the videos they put with some viewer to be classified on the first page. Is it a good idea?? Excuse my English
  7. arzul.cpa444

    Promoting Youtube Channel?

    What is the most cost-effective way to promote a YouTube channel from 0 to 1000 subscribers? I have uploaded 5 new videos, each every week, and YouTube just totally ignores them. I guess to give its algorithm a little push I'd need some traffic coming from elsewhere first, right? I was thinking...
  8. A

    How can I make more views on my videos {cpa + youtube}

    Hi I try for 2 weeks to Do Youtube + cpa { niche hack game} Just do not make views post 4 videos a day { normal videos} AND I only have a video 22 views otherwise under 5 . I use keywords I have an overall score of over 70%. I use thumbnail . The link I leave in the description . And I write in...
  9. laurmat

    Free Comparison Video Template To Make YouTube Comparison Videos Like WatchData Channel |

    FREE COMPARISON VIDEO TEMPLATE Are you looking to start a YouTube comparison video channel like WatchData? This Comparison Video Template Will Allow You To Make Such Videos! In the last couple of months, the comparison videos are blowing up on YouTube, because they are... Easy to make Watched...
  10. Roadblock

    YouTube + CPA: Multiple Channels on the same Gmail OR multiple Gmails?

    Hey all, I'm interested in starting with YouTube and CPA, but I've heard different opinions regarding the question in the title. What is better in your opinion? Some say that it's enough to have one Gmail account and multiple channels on it, because if YouTube bans one channel, you can switch...
  11. A

    Hi you can give me some tips for Youtube + cpa

    Hi you can give me some tips for Youtube + cpa I posted for a week on 2 channels one with casino and a game hack just do not make views . I used and keywords do not know what to do Help please please !!!
  12. Mariusaf

    Youtube + CPA

    Do you guys think I should wait until I get a better audience to start posting CPA advertisements on my videos or do I start posting CPA advertisements on every account no matter the audience?
  13. Mariusaf

    Road to 1000$/day with Youtube

    Good Afternoon, Good Evening or Good Night depending on when you are reading this, Welcome to my YouTube Shorts Journey. I've read through tons and tons of journeys in this forum and the category which fascinated me the most was monetizing with YouTube Shorts, and thus decided to start a...
  14. Y

    The right way to invest in Youtube?

    Hello, fellas! I'm willing to invest around $2000 into the Youtube channel and as you know start to earn immediately, but there are a few things I wonder about. I'll skip all of the not necessary details about the channel, type of content and etc. My question is about buying the exact channel...
  15. s4h1n1997

    Watermarked Videos

    Hi all, I'm curious about if I directly write my domain name (landing page for CPA) on short videos, will I be banned quickly?
  16. LeviAckkerman

    [JOURNEY] -- 10$/day with CPA + YT shorts (NEWBIE)

    First of all, I don't know if it's ok or not to post this here but... it may give me some motivation... QUICK info about me: From EU, student, trying to get several sides hustles to achieve my dreams, currently into crypto mining. Soo, I bought a cheap course about CPA from Tik Tok (don't...
  17. M0805

    How to monetize a YouTube STREAMER HIGHLIGHTS channel?

    Hello guys. I started this YouTube Channel About months ago... And reach 4k watch time and almost hit 1k subs. But the problem is I can not monetize that type of content. So is there any other methods for monetizing. I stop uploading videos because when I found out that, but my channel still...
  18. Saif14

    [JOURNEY] Road to 100 per day from youtube with cpa

    Hi everyone, I made this JOURNEY for monetizing myself because I am too lazy So what I will do? I will try to work with all youtube methods and CPA that I know Spam youtube shorts Try to rank on youtube with an aged channel what should I do buy normal youtube channels (done) buy a...
  19. CyberGen

    Youtube CPA method summary

    Hello there, I am writing this post based on my experience from Youtube CPA. I don't explain step by step the method but just the angle or directions to work on. In youtube CPA, the most popular method consists of purchasing SMM services to boost your video and give it access to more traffic...
  20. olegnaxd


    Hy guys, I see a lot of people around who don't know how to get started, or who make mistakes and don't understand why they can't make money on youtube. Today I want to give you some little tips that could help you solve this problem! Let's start... ⏩LESSON NUMBER 1: Don't buy shit thinking...