1. EpicSellers

    Cash cow niches on YouTube - Share your Niches and RPM please.

    I have made several Cash cow channels and add High quality views to make some bucks. I have noticed the following niches/Topics from USA has RPM over 12$ Gas Prices - 9$ to 12$ US Politics- 7$ to 10$ Luxury and product reviews - 10$ - 13$ Gaming content had the least RPM...
  2. T

    Traffic from YouTube

    IMPORTANT: We don't accept any rookies or people who didn't have the best case in this area. WHAT TO DO: - Provide an influx of conversions to the target page from YouTube. HOW WE SEE IT: Option 1) Massive uploading of video clones onto YouTube Option 2) Adding our links to previously uploaded...
  3. shadow1591000

    Need Help With Youtube Uploading Quota

    Hey everyone! Im developing a software for automatic video upload to youtube. The app depends on uploading videos to youtube using youtube data API, the daily quota limit is 10,000 per project and uploading 1 video costs 1600 quota so the app can roughly upload 6 videos for one channel, if it...
  4. M

    Which YouTube niches are booming right now?

    Which YouTube niches are booming right now?
  5. R

    Anyone Suggest best panel for YouTube CTR Boost?

    Hey I searched a lot on this forum but I didn't find the best panel for YouTube CTR. Anyone can suggest good panel with reasonable price?
  6. T


    Hello everyone, I have two youtube channels in the field of online casino that generate me 600€ / month. I wanted to know how to estimate the resale of youtube channels? Both have more than 500 subscribers but not yet monetized. ps : it's full automation channel
  7. bbrokeaf

    Am I Better Off With A Fresh Youtube Account?

    How It Started I had a plan to create a animation youtube channel so I decided to buy a monetized account since I thought that youtube would promote monetized videos The Problem Since I bought a monetized youtube account boosted by non-organic subs and views, when I released my videos, I...
  8. D

    Youtube Journey - "From Nothing To Something"

    So I've been thinking about youtube for a while now... Its been probably 3-4 years since Ive wanted to do youtube. I have a few ideas for a channel that are in popular topics but I also have a nice twist to add to them. For me to be able to pick up the camera and start making content it starts...
  9. canarion

    How this can be happening? (YT Views from SMM)

    Hi there, This is my first thread on here. I tried to find some info about this but no luck. First of all, I started to use SMM views since 2 or 3 weeks ago. I bought one specific service 0,90$ per 1000 views and guess what? These views generated more profit than the initial investment. My...
  10. rxnaldo

    Any paid safe method to grow?

    Wsup! I urgently need a method that is "safe" to keep growing my youtube channel organically. It currently has 5.2K subscribers and 1.6M totally organic views, but i dont have time to continue growing it and i want to sell it, but before it i need to raise it up to 10K subscribers to get more...
  11. N

    How did this YouTube channel got monetized in one day uploading illegal movies? 1. This channel was created yesterday i.e. 25-Nov-2022. 2. It got monetized (search is_monetization_enabled in page source) only in one day. It doesn't even have community tab unlocked. 3. It's been uploading uncut movies bypassing copyright check...
  12. arthuditu

    Cheapest youtube view?

    Hi everyone, you guys are very knowledgeable so I come with this question: What are the cheapest youtube views that don't drop? Thanks in advance for your commands <3
  13. The Universe Legend

    What is the best social media management tool nowadays?

    Hey BHW, A long time didn't post here, hope everyone is doing well. Working on a new ecom brand, and I want to know what's the best tool to manage my social accounts of it (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube...) I want to schedule all the posts for these accounts, any tool with a...
  14. Racleone

    YouTube shorts

    Hello Everyone. How to create a viral short videos?.
  15. butcher07

    Doing multiple simultaneous broadcasts on my youtube channel

    hi everyone :) I want to make multiple streams at the same time on my youtube channel. Yes I've seen people do this but they won't tell me. Anyone know a solution to this?
  16. R

    Looking for 100k YouTube Subscribers (Non-HQ)

    As title says, I'm looking for the cheapest options for 100k subscribers. May buy several hundred thousand over the next couple of months. Please pm me with rates and best way to contact you or post below in thread. <3
  17. kelturon

    ‍❤️‍Massive YouTube Influencer Database with emails and social links ‍❤️‍

    Gain COMPLETE and LIFETIME access to a massive database of nearly all youtube channels that exist and unleash the power of youtube influencer marketing! We have sent thousands of bots crawling all over youtube for weeks and have collected information about 47.000.000+ youtube channels! The...
  18. T

    YouTube Gambling Channel duplicate

    Hello everyone, I currently have a YouTube channel in the Casino niche where I do affiliation (I generate about 400-500€ / month). I wanted to know if it's better to duplicate the channel in several languages or publish on the same account the same videos in different languages? Thanks to you
  19. xerx

    Monetization and music reupload

    If I purchase a monetized channel and begin uploading unreleased music, it will not be copyrighted (from big artists I know the non copyrighted songs I can use), I can use some underground music from popular artists too that I know will not be copyrighted. Will the monetization be turned off...
  20. vikasind

    100 profitable niches for youtube shorts

    Tech Movies Celebrity Health and fitness Science Mystery Paranormal Gaming Life Hacks Make Money Online Business Beauty and makeup Yoga Dating advice Spirituality Law of attraction Psychology Weight loss Muscle building Drones and RC Intermittent fasting Quit smoking Vegan Cooking LGBTQ Gaming...